CNC Precision Machines- The Giant in the Industry!

A lot of times we come across a question in our mind about how machinists are able to develop parts and tools using heavy aluminum. Definitely, it is not something that is made up simply by using hands or casting them in a furnace. These are the parts that are developed as a result of a process that is known as CNC precision machining. It is a new concept, especially for those who are new to the world of manufacturing and CNC precision machining, for those who are new to the concept, it is the process of manufacturing that requires the use of computer programs in order to create a type of product that is exactly according to the required specification and accuracy as there is no standard tolerance when it comes to all precision machining processes. However, the strictness of the tolerance depends on the process of manufacturing, as the number of decimal places represents the number of decimal places.

It is the type of machine that involves the shaping of raw material and leads it into the form of a finished product cutting out the excess part of it as designed by the computer-aided blueprint. Before making the precision of any product CNC machines work in a way that they use CAD or CAM programs in order to make the blueprints of the product necessary. It is not wrong to say that these programs make a highly detailed 3D outline that is followed by a precise machining process in order to replicate the product as designed.

It is seen to be used in various different applications and fields ranging from toys to medical devices, automobiles, or even space shuttles. In short, any product that has parts requires precision machining. CNC Precision turning dealer provides the type of CNC equipment that utilizes actions that are in the form of processes like cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharges in order to achieve a final product. Although it is a type of process that requires a watch to some extent by a skilled machinist, the machine does most of the work in an automatic manner. The CAD software helps in a way that it creates a design for manufacturing, and the CAM software then translates it into the form of manufacturing instructions for the machines. A post-processor software then works in a way that converts the instructions into information that is understandable for the machine and is in the form of codes. The machinists then work in a way that they load the instructions into the CNC equipment to start the process of manufacturing.

Types of Precision CNC Machining Equipment

Due to various different types of processes that are involved in the process of CNC machining, it works in a way that various different pieces of CNC are required to make it work; however, in certain cases, these tools are used on a single machine, and the machinists only had to start and stop the process. However, in the other type of CNC machines, one would have to move the workpiece/ raw material from one place to another. The machines that use CNC precision machining are as:

CNC Milling Equipment

Milling is the precise machining process that involves the use of rotary cutters in order to remove the excess materials from the workpiece. It involves various different types of mills, these include end mills, chamfer mills, and helical mills as well. The CNC machines also include a range of machines, are as hand milling machines, plain milling machines, universal milling machines, and universal milling machines. These are either horizontal or vertically oriented.

CNC Turning Equipment

Turning is considered a precision CNC machining process that usually involves the rotation of the workpiece that is usually next to a single point of rotation in the case of a cutting tool. The most popular tools that are used in this regard are in the form of turret lathe, engine lathe, and engine-purpose lathe, whereas the other type of turning equipment is in the form of straight turning, taper turning, external grooves, and threads as well.

CNC Drilling Equipment

Drilling is a type of machining process that is precise as it makes use of multi-point drill bits in order to create cylindrical holes in the workpiece or the raw material that is provided. Along with that, the design of the drill bits allows the chips to go off the workpiece and to fall away so that the holes that are drilled, remain neat and clean. Examples of the most common type of drill bits that are used in the process of CNC machining process are the spotting drills which are used for making pits and shallow holes, peck drills which are used for reducing the number of chips on the workpiece, the screw machine drills for producing holes without making the pilot holes. Chucking reamers that are used in order to enlarge the holes that are produced previously.

CNC electric Discharge Mining Equipment

Electrical Discharge mining is considered a precise machining process that uses electrical discharge in order to obtain a finished product. It works in a way that a setup is made up of the tool electrode and a workpiece electrode that are separated by dielectric fluid and are subject to electrical voltage. This process is also considered a spark machining process, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, or wire erosion process as well.

CNC Precision Machining Applications

Medical Industry

The industry of medicine is a rapidly evolving industry that requires the need of arising for new and modern types of equipment, along with that they also need high volumes, thus they use CNC precision machines.

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry has come up with new innovations. In this industry, a CNC precision machine is responsible for developing prototypes of the parts that are added to the manufacturing line.

Aerospace Industry

With a wide range of planes, space shuttles, and aerospace vehicles, CNC machines are used in order to develop parts and components such as landing gear ports, bushings, manifolds, airfoils, etc.

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