Calibrating Z-axis Height and Ensuring X-axis Parallelism

Our quality is assured by our robust SOP. Aligning the workpiece to the fixture is a crucial step to guarantee precision and dimensional consistency.

Our Quality Promise

  • Providing an inspection report with every order we fulfill. ​
  • Using advanced quality control equipment, including CMM, to inspect all parts throughout the manufacturing process. ​
  • Ensuring that all parts meet our high standards through FAS, in-process, and finished parts inspection. ​
  • Working with only the best manufacturing partners who have undergone extensive auditing and management to meet our rigorous quality requirements. ​
  • Being ISO9001 Quality Management Certified to maintain the highest quality standards in our operations. ​
  • Guaranteeing the quality of all parts we produce and ensuring they conform to provided drawings. ​
  • Providing materials certification upon request to give you confidence in the quality of our parts.​

Online Real-time SPC Data Analysis for Proactive Quality Control

ISO9001 certification

Satimaco is committed to providing top-quality products and services with high standards of excellence. Our ISO9001 certification supports this commitment.

All parts displayed on this website are intended solely to demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities and are not available for sale. no proprietary information or intellectual property of our customers is disclosed.

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