Our Quality Promise

  • Providing an inspection report with every order we fulfill. ​
  • Using advanced quality control equipment, including CMM, to inspect all parts throughout the manufacturing process. ​
  • Ensuring that all parts meet our high standards through FAS, in-process, and finished parts inspection. ​
  • Working with only the best manufacturing partners who have undergone extensive auditing and management to meet our rigorous quality requirements. ​
  • Being ISO9001 Quality Management Certified to maintain the highest quality standards in our operations. ​
  • Guaranteeing the quality of all parts we produce and ensuring they conform to provided drawings. ​
  • Providing materials certification upon request to give you confidence in the quality of our parts.​

Online Real-time SPC Data Analysis for Proactive Quality Control

ISO9001 certification

Satimaco is committed to providing top-quality products and services with high standards of excellence. Our ISO9001 certification supports this commitment.

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