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Mastering Complexity with Our CNC Machining Expertise:
4-Axis CNC Simultaneous Machining with Fully Engraved Parts

Workpiece Alignment vs. Fixture & Machine Coordinates

Workpiece Alignment vs. Fixture & Machine Coordinates

To ensure repeatability and consistency, the play between the workpiece and the fixture must be prevented. The fit between the fixture and the workpiece is precisely controlled within a tolerance of 0.01mm.

Strict dimension tolerance

Strict dimension tolerance

.X +/-.3
.XX +/-.15
.XXX +/-.05

Deep Slot Machining

Deep Slot Machining

Machining a deep slot within the workpiece is highly challenging due to tool access limitations and the rigidity required of the cutting tool.

360-Degree Machining Fixture

Machining Fixture

We created a specialized fixture that allows for comprehensive 360-degree CNC machining. This fixture enables access to all angles, ensuring uniformity and precision.

Mastering Complexity with Our CNC Machining Expertise
Advanced CNC Software

Advanced CNC Software

We invested in high-tech software capable of adapting to 5-axis CNC machining, enhancing our ability to handle intricate and precise machining tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy.

7075 Aluminum Machining

7075 Aluminum Machining

Machining 7075 aluminum alloy presents significant challenges due to its high internal stress, making it prone to warping and deformation.

Precision Cutting Tool

Precision Cutting Tool

We utilized a specialized cutting tool with dimensions of 4mm x 55mm for hole drilling, ensuring precise cuts and maintaining the material's integrity.

Custom Anti-Chatter Tool

Custom Anti-Chatter Tool

We developed a unique cutting tool specifically designed to minimize chatter on the outer diameter, ensuring a smooth and accurate finish.

This project showcases our advanced machining capabilities and our commitment to overcoming complex challenges to deliver high-quality parts. The attached image illustrates the precision and complexity of the machined part, underscoring our expertise in CNC machining.

A special introduction to our integration fabrication service ​

Quantify Product with a quality team

How can we ensure that the quality remains consistent?​

Our advanced production
planning conducted by our

R&D team before production​

Even Drawing With Over 100 Dimensions

Our Quality Control on custom made metal parts starts at the beginning with careful analyze of customer’s drawing to call out well defined engineering process, so to produce repeatable products & features.

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