Machining capability

  • Milling: 1000 x 600 x 600 mm Max.
  • Turning: Ø2-50mm.

Manageable machining tolerance

  • GD & T : 0.1mm/100mm
  • 2D clearance: ±0.02mm
  • Ø: H6 (+.008/-0)

Engineering Capability

  • In house machining gauge design and production.

  • Establishing 3D model, simulate and define machining processes.

  • In house control gauge design and production.

Case Study

1.) Forging & machining

2.) Specification Review & Requirement Set-up

3.) 3X +2Y +1Z datum scheme to design machining fixture — meticulous and scour over the details of the tight GD&T tolerance.

4.) Forging Material Metallography Test

5.) Forging Parts Tensile Test

All parts displayed on this website are intended solely to demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities and are not available for sale. no proprietary information or intellectual property of our customers is disclosed.

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